A snowstorm and an idea

I started to write in the middle of winter, during a blizzard. And I guess that’s where I got the idea for the book in the first place. I stepped outside and made a video of it, just to keep me more in a freezing mood while I finished it.

My first book in the series – Monster Sight – takes place in a snowstorm, under the school.

All the buses are canceled but Brett and Cooper are town kids and they still have to go to school. Really, who thinks making town kids go to school when all the buses are canceled is a good idea?

What if the teachers don’t make it?  What if the secretary doesn’t make it, and the principal? What if the janitor doesn’t make it? Or nobody makes it except for a kid who is up to no good, and two kids just trying to meet up for a fun day in the snow.

And then what if monsters showed up? You couldn’t even call for help. You’d be all alone to fight the evil and save your best friend.


It could happen.

Article written by Brett Runkel for the school paper, trying to get snow days for all the kids-

Snow Days Are For Everyone!

Every time school buses are canceled, town kids still have to walk to school.

This is a terrible rule, dangerous even.

Kids could get lost in the snowstorm and wander around until they’re too cold to move. Then they would freeze like popsicles. People would think they’re snow sculptures until spring melts all the snow and they fall over dead.

Or what if a snowplow couldn’t see them and plowed them into someone’s yard and covered them all up? They wouldn’t be found until spring,  and by that time they would be gross with worms crawling out of their eyeballs.

I say it should be outlawed. No more school for town kids if the buses are canceled.

Snow days are for everyone!!!

written by Brett Runkel

Axed by the principal, his teacher and his mom.

Ok, I think Brett exaggerates just a little, but he makes some good points. Snow days should be for everyone.

If the teachers and principal had listened to him, and published his article instead of taking it out and throwing it in the trash,  and then calling his mom and giving him demerit points, none of this would have happened.

Let my story be a lesson to everyone. Especially teachers, and principals, and whoever makes the rules about going to school when the buses are canceled.

Snow days are for everyone!!!